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Kybernein – to steer a ship.

Comes to mean: impress information

and value, into unconsumable objects.

Kybernein Institute (KI) was established in 2014 by artist and researcher Nathalie Gabrielsson to address the overlaps of policy making with cultural production at the intersection between art, business, and politics. Through the production of exhibitions, performances and events, KI explores how narratives becomes policy; how ideas formed by language, text, and image are ultimately implemented through acts of politics.

Working with organizations in the business and contemporary art sectors, Kybernein Institute studies social and economic models through exhibition and conversational events, collaborating with experts from different fields to undertake research for institutions, companies, and cultural or academic programs.


Nathalie Gabrielsson is Stockholm-based independent researcher and contemporary artist working with institutions, organizations and enterprises internationally to explore spatial and social models through the notion of performativity.

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