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Kybernein – to steer a ship.

Comes to mean: impress information

and value, into unconsumable objects.

Kybernein Institute is a hybrid cultural platform that operates at the intersection of art, business and politics. Kybernein explores how social and economic models, developed by various organisations and companies, produce and distribute narratives to effect and change our contemporary life and society.

Kybernein is an initiative that studies the overlapping strategies of policymaking and cultural production – how narratives are implemented through aesthetics and storytelling to change our perception of the world and how we define the problems and solutions.

Through the production of exhibitions, performances and events, Kybernein wants to explore the systems of how ideas formed by language, text, and image are ultimately implemented through acts of politics.

Through its events, Kybernein creates a space that generates new perspectives and knowledge on some of the most dominating narratives and ideals of our time, which are all related to how we shall develop society and solve the crisis of our civilization.

Narratives about the creative entrepreneur as an outsider and visionary, our strong belief in technical innovation, and various economic and social concepts for social change. Kybernein wants to investigate the construction of how these stories are staged and reproduced in our society today.

Kybernein Institute would love your support. Please donate to our activities and sign up to our mailing list to attend events and get involved.


Nathalie Gabrielsson is Stockholm-based independent researcher and contemporary artist working with institutions, organizations and enterprises internationally to explore spatial and social models through the notion of performativity.

Kybernein Team

Nathalie Gabrielsson


Nathalie is Kybernein Institute's founding director and principal investigator. In 2014 she founded the Kybernein Institute as a research structure for her conceptual investigations as a contemporary artist and independent researcher.

Peter Sköld

Analyst and researcher


Peter is an independent researcher and analyst. His work at Kybernein Institute focuses on contemporary political debates and economic policies.

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