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This ongoing research project investigates the Think-tank as a model for production of contemporary knowledge and culture. The notion of ”Think-tank Aesthetics” was firstly developed by art historian

Pamela M. Lee. Within Kybernein’s research strand, it comes to signify that the outcome of a think tank is culture; it attempts to fill the gap between theory and practice, and has a strong parallel with art – not seen as a commodity (even if sold on a market) but rather, as culture.

The ‘think tank’ is a unique system for narrative production in our society. It is a strategic network based multidisciplinary platform and a communication strategy with the aim to change society. It can freely formulate and distribute content based on ideology, since it is not regulated by principles or codes of conduct, such as scientific objectivity or journalistic ethical framework. The think tank model can be applied to any field, and it produces a ‘new’ or alternative narrative about any aspect of our contemporary life.

The video is made by On Think Tank, Enrique Mendizabal.

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