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Nathalie Gabrielsson produces performances, films, texts and installations. Her work investigates modes of artistic research, narrative production, the performativity of language, strategies of distribution and how to form strategic platforms and structures of impact. Through her projects she explores the role of the artist as a connector between information and subjectivity, political activity and research, infrastructures and impact. Founder of Kybernein Institute - a research structure for her artistic research and investigations:

2014 - Ongoing project

2020 - Ongoing investigation

2017 - ongoing investigation

2014 - 2016

The Swedish Troll Factory


Video 28 min. Watch now on


Faced with a crisis, what do you do? The first instinct: change something, do something differently.

In the wake of a severe economic crisis in the 70s, politicians and a frenzied Swedish media presented a unanimous solution: dismantle the public sector, deregulate the market, and slash welfare and social safety nets. The message was resounding: it wasn’t possible to have extensive welfare for citizens and a thriving economy. Swedish voters, influenced by the messaging, voted for a new conservative government. 

While fiscally conservative rhetoric is familiar, we hardly think of it as a conspiracy. In this case, the alleged economic “crisis” deplored by these pundits was entirely fabricated––based on manipulated statistics, erroneous analysis, and exaggerated findings.

Artists Nathalie Gabrielsson and Peter Sköld and the Kybernein Institute uncover the monumental disinformation campaign that took advantage of Swedish voters and led to mass unemployment, social fragmentation, and plummeting living standards. 

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