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Nathalie Gabrielsson produces performances, films, texts and installations. Her work investigates modes of artistic research, narrative production, the performativity of language, strategies of distribution and how to form strategic platforms and structures of impact. Through her projects she explores the role of the artist as a connector between information and subjectivity, political activity and research, infrastructures and impact. Founder of Kybernein Institute - a research structure for her artistic research and investigations:

2014 - Ongoing project

2020 - Ongoing investigation

2017 - ongoing investigation

2014 - 2016

Noah's Ark - The Eight Great Moral Imperatives

Kybernein Institute (KI) presents a hybrid cultural format incorporating event, exhibition, and performance at the Teater Tribunalen in Stockholm, 2017.


The Eight Great Moral Imperatives asks the question: is it possible to build a new social models? The event strives to unravel the relationship between entrepreneurship and alternative forms of governance, social change, environmental and economic sustainability. A forum where to ask questions about how cultural and social models are affected by ideological matrixes of thinking.

The event is centered on The Seasteading Institute project, a real-life case study for extraterritorial and extra-governmental business and living environment, currently in development by a group of scientists and investors based in different parts of the world and headquartered in California, US. Seasteading’s ambitious goal is to provide an ideological answer, and a practical solution, to today´s main concerns: poverty, diseases, war, climate change, nutrition, health.


KI's project presents an entrepreneurial reading of this proposition, involving key participants ranging from policy makers, business consultants, creative entrepreneurs to corporate strategists. The particular format of the project, and how the exhibition environment is organized is determined by this combination of creative intelligence and ideological approaches. The public debate is facilitated by the staging of the event at Teater Tribunalen, a political venue in the city center of Stockholm that addresses key features of our contemporary life.

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