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Nathalie Gabrielsson produces performances, films, texts and installations. Her work investigates modes of artistic research, narrative production, the performativity of language, strategies of distribution and how to form strategic platforms and structures of impact. Through her projects she explores the role of the artist as a connector between information and subjectivity, political activity and research, infrastructures and impact. Founder of Kybernein Institute - a research structure for her artistic research and investigations:

2014 - Ongoing project

2020 - Ongoing investigation

2017 - ongoing investigation

2014 - 2016

Kybernein Institute



Kybernein Institute (KI) was established in 2014 by artist and independent researcher Nathalie Gabrielsson to address the overlaps of policy making with cultural production at the intersection of art, business, and politics.


KI explores how social and economic models, developed by various organizations and companies, produce and distribute narratives to effect and change our contemporary life and society.


Through the production of exhibitions, performances and events, KI explores how narratives becomes policy; how ideas formed by language, text, and image are ultimately implemented through acts of politics.

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