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Nathalie Gabrielsson produces performances, films, texts and installations. Her work investigates modes of artistic research, narrative production, the performativity of language, strategies of distribution and how to form strategic platforms and structures of impact. Through her projects she explores the role of the artist as a connector between information and subjectivity, political activity and research, infrastructures and impact. Founder of Kybernein Institute - a research structure for her artistic research and investigations:

2014 - Ongoing project

2020 - Ongoing investigation

2017 - ongoing investigation

2014 - 2016

Welcome to a better world

Welcome to a better world investigates how corporations adopt conceptual and artistic strategies to shape a well-designed social culture, and how workplace environments becomes a platform for production and distribution of ideological narratives.


Through the project the art institution is given lessons by Sweden's leading real-estate company Vasakronan in how to adopt specific strategies to create a creative atmosphere where interdisciplinary knowledge exchange can take place.

FIRST ACT: Work Place Strategies

Work Place Strategies, 2014, performance-lecture and seminar, Konstfack University College of Arts, Stockholm, 2nd December 2014.



The Model, 2015, performance, head office of Swedens leading real estate company Vasakronan, Stockholm, 6th March 2015.

THIRD ACT: Social Networks

Social Networks, 2015, video screening and seminar at Konstfack University Collage of Art Craft Design, Stockholm, 13th-24th May 2015.


Social Networks, 2015, video screening and seminar at Vasakronan head office, Stockholm, 14th August 2015

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